Friday, October 5, 2012

Chapter 2

My bad for the typos if ther are any but here's y'all chapter.
Nicki's POV
I parked in the driveway of my house and noticed my Mom was home. Weird she's usually at work when I get home. Anyways I walked in the door and heard Macaiah's little feet running towards me. He jumped in her arms and sniffled. He must have come home early cause he was sick. Just as that thought came in my head my Mom came in and said, " I had to pick Caiah up early. He was sick." Haha called it. "So mom Safaree will be here at 6 to pick me up for our date." I said smiling " she giggled at my excitement and said "Ok be home before at 11 it's a school night." I dead faced her and replied with ok. I put Caiah down and went to call the girls to help me get ready for my date tonight. Before I did that I texted Safaree.


I chuckled at him giggled at him mocking me.

Me: What should I wear tonight?
Safaree: Somthing dressy..... But not too dressy.

I laughed at him trying to explain.

Nicki: K Faree I got it. See you at 6 babe MUAH!
Safaree: lol ok love you :*
Nicki: <3


Nicki called up Lauren to help her with her hair and make up for tonight and Lauren said she was 15 min away. Nicki already had a outfit in mind. Nicki walked to the bathroom stripped and put her hair in a shower cap. She hopped in the shower and washed her body with Dove soap. She got out the shower and dried herself with a towel nearby. She walked the her bedroom with her towel wrapped around her she grappled her cocoa butter lotion and rubbed it all over her rich caramel skin. By the time she finished putting her lotion on Lauren had showed up. She walked in the room and jumped on Nicki who had just put a bra underwear and a robe on. "Nickiiiii!!!!' Lauren screamed
"Hi. Get off me." Nicki answered
Lauren laughed and slid off Nicki.
"So watchu wanna do with ur hair?" Lauren asked Nicki walking to the bathroom.
"Ummmm.... A bun. Leave my bangs out?"
"Alright gurl plant ya booty. All this dag on hair." Lauren mumbled the last part.
Lauren finished Nickis hair and Nicki went to put on her outfit. A blue floral dress a tan belt tab shoes and pearl earrings.
"You look sexy sis! You never dress like this when we go out." She said pouting.
"Because who are you? Oh. Irrelevant." Nicki laughed at her own joke and walked to the bathroom to put in light makeup and a tan flier in her bun. She checked herself out in the mirror and said " Lookin good Onika." Lauren walked in and said "What are you? Oh pressdT." And stormed out. Gotta love her.

Safaree's POV

After my shower I put on a pair of khakis and dark blue shirt a bow tie and a pair of sperry's. I sprayed myself with cologne brushed my hair. No hat and I was out. Off to pick up my baby.
I got to Nicki's house around 5:50. I sat outside for awhile then got up and knocked on the door. Mama Carol opened it up. I could tell by her face she was surprised and happy to see me. "Safaree it's so nice to see you!!" She said hugging me. "It's nice to too Mama." I said walking in and closing the door. "Onika will be down in a minute. You want anything to drink?" She said walking me over to the kitchen. "Umm yes ma'am may I have a water." She handed them the water and walked over to the living room. Safaree stopped as he saw Nicki walking down the steps. He stared and smiled as she walked down towards him. She stopped in front of him and smiled up at him showing her dimples. He placed his hands on her hips and said "You look beautiful." She blushed looked down and replied "Thank You." He placed his fingertips under her chin and kissed her. They separated and Nicki giggled. "Why you so cute?" "why y'all so cute and call y'all move from infront of the staircase it's a fire hazard." Lauren said walking through Nicki and Safaree separating them. "I'm gone. Have fun on y'all lil date or watevah." She said walking out the door. Mama Carol cleared her throat and said "You look pretty Onika." "Thank You Mommy" Nicki said kissing her cheek. "Are you ready to go Nic?" Safaree said "Yup! Where we going?" She said walking to get her purse. "That's for me to know and you to find out. Bye Mama!" He said walking out the door with Nicki in front of him. Safaree opened her door a let her in then went over to get in on his side. "Oh and don't get slapped Safaree." She said pointing at him. "Mhmm whatever." He said kissing her lips and heading towards their destination. They showed up to a poetry club. "Safaree what is this? " We'll let's go in and find out." They walked in the dark blue lighted club and sat down at n nearby table. The smell of candles and pastries hit her nose and a smooth jazz and a voice of a man whispered in her ears. She was in paradise. "Safaree how'd you know about this place?" Nicki whispered. "I love it here." "Well Tory does poetry here and told me to check it out." People snapped as the man finished his poem. The host walked up to the mic and explained how things worked. 5 poets will go up and recite and then there me would be a 30 min dance section with music provided by the jazz musicians and so on. 3 more poets came up and the first dance section of the night started. The musicians started to play and Safaree asked Nicki to dance. She replied yes and stood up. Safaree grabbed her hand and led her to the dimly lighted dance floor. Nicki threw her arm around Safaree's neck and placed her head on his chest. Safaree wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed he forehead. "Thank for this Faree. I like it here its soothing. It's like a escape." "I know right I came here before I brought you to check it out and I loved it." He said as they continued dancing. "Aww. I love this. I love you." She said placing her hand on the sides of his face bringing him in for a kiss. "We should defiantly come here more often babe." She said leading him back to their table. "It gets better." Safaree said cheering calling over a waiter. "Can we have two red velvet cupcakes with vanilla icing." "Sure is that all?" "Can we have two waters also." "Yessir ill be right back with your order." He walked back over to the kitchen. "Nic I swear to you these are the best cupcakes on this planet!" He said with a huge smile. "You are a lil to pressed over these cupcakes babe" she said giggling as the waiter came back with the cupcakes and water. "Enjoy!" The waiter said with a smile. Safaree bit into the cupcake and sighed dramatically favoring all the flavor. Nicki laughed at his dramatics and bit into her cupcake surprised at how good it actually was. "Yo omagahd! These are actually really good." "I don't know why you doubted me in the first place." He said cockily laughing at the vanilla icing on her lips. He moved in closer and kissed them. "Yum" Nicki laughed. "You wanna get out here?" "Yeah. We should go walk in the park!" Safaree paid the bill and walked out the poetry club with Nic. About 25 minutes later they arrived at the park. He parked the car and looked over to a sleeping Nic. Smh. "Every time." He kissed her cheek and drive her back to her house just in enough time for Nicki to meet her curfew. He rang the door bell with a sleeping Nicki in his arms. Mama Carol opened the door and smiled at the cute image in front of her and quickly let him in. He carried her up to her room and woke her up telling her to change. She woke up changed her clothes and quickly got in the bed as she watched Safaree walk out. He stopped hearing her voice. "Thank you again for tonight Safaree." "Anything for my Nika." He smiled and turned off her lights on the way out.

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Nicki's outfit below.