Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chapter 3

Nicki's POV
I woke up Saturday morning wiping my eyes and stretching only to fall back on my bed. I looked around my room and saw my clothes from last night laying on the edge of my bed. I sighed. I miss him already. I threw the covers off my body and headed for the bathroom. I relieved myself brushed my teeth and washed my face. I skipped out the bathroom and jumped back on my bed and grabbed my phone and noticing a missed call from Lauren and a text from Safaree. I opened the text and it read. "Good morning beautiful. I had a great time last night I hope you did too. :)" I smiled. He cute. "Actually I had an amazing time. Thanks for asking. Lol" I sent the text and heard my mother calling me for breakfast. I ran down the steps and saw Safaree at the door.. What? "Hi, babe. What are you doing here?" I said kissing his lips. "I was just talking to you why didn't you tell me you were coming?" "What do I have to announce every time I come see my gorgeous girlfriend?" He said with a sarcastic gasp walkin over to the living room couch. I laughed and plopped down next to him. "Safaree are you staying for breakfast?" Mama Carol asked with a smile. "Yes ma'am if its not gonna be a burden on you." "You're fine Safaree. I'll call you guys when the food is ready." "Thank you." We both replied. I adjusted herself and laid my body on Safaree's lap. I stared his face as he watched something dumb on TV. He looked down and caught me staring. I laughed at his confused facial expression. "What?" "Oh so I need an excuse to stare at my handsome boyfriend?!" I gasped sarcastically mocking his earlier behavior. He laughed. "Well played. I taught you well." "Shutup Safaree" I said laughing. "Have I told you how beautiful you are?" I giggled. "Yes. All the time actually." "Well I'm glad you know." He said kissing my lips. "Have I told you how much I love you Safaree?" "No, you don't actually tell me at all. I'm just noticing this and now I'm sad." He said pouting and laughing. Nicki slapped his chest and laughed. " Why are you such a jerk?" "You love this jerk." "I know. Come here." I said straddling his waste and leading his lips to mine. That one peck turned into many then sparked a life of his own. Feeding off each others energy they kept going until we were both gasping for air. I placed my head on his chest and giggled. I raised up and looked him in his eyes the eyes that told stories the eyes that made me smile the same eyes I fell in love with. The same eyes that told so much without saying a thing. I pecked his lips once more and hugged him. Yep I am in love.
No Ones POV
After breakfast Safaree told Nicki to get dressed. He was taking her out somewhere special. A place he hadn't taken anyone else. A place he could think and talk about anything and everything. A place he went when he thought all hope was lost. Nicki got out of the shower and put on a pair of black leggings a pink hoodie and a pair of pink uggs. She brushed her hair into a bun put some chapstick on and ran down the steps. They said their goodbyes to Nickis family and were on their way. They had been driving for about 10 min when Safaree stopped at a small house near a little pond. The scenery was beautiful. They got out the car and Safaree grabbed Nicki's hand and started walking towards the house. The house was painted white and yellow with a porch out front and a backyard full of green grass. And a pond. "Who's house is this?" Nicki asked. "My grandmother's" Safaree said letting her hand go and walking in the door followed by Nicki. As she walked in the door she noticed family pictures all around. The little boy looked like Safaree. "Is that you?" Safaree looked in the direction she was pointing. "Nope. My dad." They look so much alike. It was weird Safaree never talked about his Dad and I never asked. "We'll this is your grandmas house where is she?" "Dead." Safaree said in a nonchalant tone. "I'm sorry Faree." " It's fine. She died 5 years ago today. She was the only one I talked to on my Dads side of the family but... She's gone now." He said leaning against the kitchen counter looking at Nicki in the door way. "Your the first person I've brought here." "Am I really the first? Not even your mom?" "Nope. She doesn't even know I come here." Safaree pulled Nicki to the large window in the living room and opened the curtain. He plopped down on the couch and she followed suit. "I've been coming here for about 8 years now. Just to look out this window and listen to the animals in the pond and talk to my grandma. Corny. But... This is where I find peace. The world is crazy. This house." He said looking up. "Is my get away." He sighed looking out the window. "How come you never told me about this place... It's amazing. It's unique. Wait so this is where you went all those times you disappeared for a few hours and I couldn't find you?" "Yup this is the place. Something about it just calm my mind. Bad thoughts don't come to me mind while I'm here." "I can see why. Its comforting. Like I could be here all day." She laughed. "This is actually the place where I figured out my feelings for you. I was confused and scared of rejection from you. It's like I could hear my grandmother telling me to go for it you know?" "You miss her don't you?" "Yeah more than anything in this world. Ha ha she would have loved you. You're just like her strong independent a BAWSE!" the both laughed. Nicki laid her head on Safaree's lap. "I would've loved to meet her. We would have been besties for life." She giggled. She took down the bun she had placed on top of her head and let it cascade on the couch. Safaree loved her hair down. He ran his hands through her hair and admired her beauty. "When I came here after she died I would come here sit and cry. That was until we got together. I learned to give that love to someone who deserved it. That person was you." He smiled and she laughed. "Why are you so corny?" "I was being dead serious." "I know." She smiled and kissed him.

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