Friday, September 21, 2012

New Story

So I decided to write a story to entertain myself and you guys as well. This is an Teenage Onikafaree. Um that's it ill post every other Friday maybe earlier. But you can always expect a chapter every other Friday. So I hope you enjoy it. :///

Chapter 1


I walked through the hallway with Lauren, TT and Candi. As usual we were laughing. About something but who knows what about. I jumped as I felt a hand grab mine I thought it was Lauren's and she was about to get punched. But luckily for her sake I was mistaken. It was Safaree. He laughed at me being caught off guard and I punched him in the chest. He pulled me aside a placed a kiss ever so gently on my lips. As the kiss ended I smiled then fell into his chest giggling as he kissed my forehead. My moment was then interrupted by Candi. Dead I forgot they was here. "My bad y'all ." I said turning to her as Safaree wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. (btw Safaree is my boyfriend. He has been for two years now and were Juniors in highschool) "Can I have my friend back?!" Candi said rolling her eyes and laughing. "Naw y'all good." he said laughing and trying to take me away. "That question wasnt up for negotiation you doof." TT said slapping Safaree's head. "Owww. Nicki can u tell ur friends not to abuse me with words and their hands. " He said rubbing his head and laughing. "Y'all leave my baby alone." She said giggling at Safaree actually lookin hurt. "Big baby." Lauren mumbled. The girls laughed. "Anyways me and the girls gonna go play a lil basketball outside so I'll see you later. Love you babe." Nicki said pecking his lips "See you next period." he smiled and walked away dapping up some dude that walked pass "Nigga just runnin up on my friend kissing her nshi." TT said and we all laughed. We walked outside to the basketball court and decided to play 2 on 2. It was lunch but no one felt like eating. And I know what you're thinking ONIKA playing BASKETBALL?!!! Yas bew better believe it!! #1 point guard in the county! HOLLA!! Anyways I took out my ball and started dribbling. " So how are you and Sean doing?" I asked Lauren. "Great! Better than ever actually!" She said catching my rebound and going for a layup. "Well thats good!" I said passing the ball to TT. "So Nic how are you and Safaree doing since u askin bout me." Lauren said watching TT try to shoot a 3 pointer which ended up going over the backboard. Candis dropped to the floor and cried laughing while TT pouted and ran to go get the ball. "Well if you must know darling we're doing rather well thank you." Nicki said in her brittish accent that always caused Lauren to giggle. TT came back with the ball and a people. Safaree ,Sean, and Tory. "Dude. You couldn't wait another 20 minutes to talk to her?" Candi said getting up from the ground wiping her tears previously shed from laughing. "I wasnt coming over here to talk to Nic I came over here to beat some girls in basketball!!" Safaree said proudly. "Oh? So you don't wanna talk to me now?" Nicki said with her head cocked to the side. "I'm just playing baby. So stop. Come give me a hug." He in between laughs. Nicki punched him in the arm laughing. " Stop being a jerk you buffoon." She said getting on her tippy toes and pecking his lips. "So we gonna sit here and watch y'all be all mushy or are we gonna beat these chumps in basketball?" TT said in a cocky tone. "The teams aren't even equal someone on y'all team has to go." Sean said with his arms wrapped around Lauren. Everyone looked at TT knowing she would be the one to go. TT smiled and looked behind her. Her smile quickly faded noticing they were the ones she was looking at. "Am I that bad?!" She pouted pounding the ground with her feet walking to the bench and throwing the ball on the floor. Everyone laughed at her actions. Let the games begin!!!
The girls were up by 3 and there were only 10 minutes of lunch left. The last point before they headed to the showers. Safaree had the ball and drove it down the court going for the layup! He missed and watched Candi get the robins and set for a fade away at the three point line. The ball flew in slow motion ass TT began to narrate from the sidelines. "CANDI SETS FOR THE FADE AWAY AT THE THREE POINT LINE WILL SHE MAKE IT WILL SHE WIN FOR HER TEAM SHE SHOOTS............... SHE SCORES AND THE CROWD GOESSSS WILD!!!!! WERE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!" TT ran around in circles screaming. "What was that about you beating some girls in basketball Safare?" Safaree just shook her off. Nicki walked up to TT grabbed her face and said "Babe. Wrong sport." "Well y'all know what I meant." She said grabbing her bag heading for the showers inside the building.
After School
Nicki and Safaree walked hand in hand to Nicki's car out if the school building. They waved to people they knew on their way. She unlocked her car door and Safaree placed her bag in the back seat and closed the door. Safaree turned around and smiled down at Nickis face. "You look gorgeous you know that?" Nicki looked at the ground and smiled. He lifted her chin and said "I love you Onika never forget." He reached in and kissed her and she smiled against his lips. "Stop making me blush like that. You're so cute. Stop." He laughed at her. "So I'll pick you up around 6 for dinner tonight. K?" He said looking for reassurance. "Dinner? What's the occasion Mr. Samuels?" "I can't take my girlfriend out for dinner every once in awhile?" "No." "So 6 it is. See you then babe." He smiled and kissed her cheek letting her in her car and walking away to his car.
She laughed. "Hehe. I love that boy."
Ok so I'll post every other Friday or even between that. I know what it feels like to wait for a story so i want keep y'all waiting. But this is my new story it has the same tittle cuz iono how to change it so COMMENT!!! Please I beg of you.